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One Balm – Balm For A Busy Life

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How busy are you? We most of us complain bitterly about having too much to do. As this article from the BBC points out, ‘Few facts about modern life seem more indisputable than how busy everyone seems to be. Across the industrialised world, large numbers of survey respondents tell researchers they’re overburdened with work, at the expense of time with family and friends.’ The article goes on to suggest that the opinions of some super busy people weren’t even gathered because, according to this 2014 study, a big reason people refuse to take part in surveys is …. they’re too busy.

‘Bloom’ Baby Balm – 100ml

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Bloom Baby Balm has been developed jointly with Judith Humphreys, Holistic Therapist. Judith is a massage and reflexology therapist who teaches parents baby massage and reflexology. Judith joined forces with Carol at Pink and Green to develop a balm that … Continued

Eye Balm

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Did you know that an enzyme found in the seeds of Pisum sativum – peas in other words – is great for your skin? But if you can’t stand eating peas – we’ve got good news for you in the … Continued

Pink&Green Goes Balmy

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It’s been a busy time of late in the Pink & Green workshop as we’ve been developing a new multi-purpose balm that we think is rather a wonder. As I’m sure you can imagine, an awful lot of research and … Continued

Global Recycling Day 2020

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The 18th of March 2020, marks global recycling day. Which is as good an opportunity as any to talk about recycling in general. And Pink & Green’s packaging in particular – and we’d love for you to engage with us on this topic.

The global recycling website states that, each year, billions of tonnes of the earth’s natural resources get turned into consumables. And that such resources are finite. Global Recycling Day came into being in 2018 to help recognize the importance of recycling in protecting our primary resources.

Pink & Green Pop-Up Shop in Cheltenham’s Molton Brown store

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Pink & Green have got some exciting news to share with you. We’re having a Pink&Green pop-up shop.

Let us explain. Some months ago now we met Sali Green, owner of the Iwork4UGlocs business directory.As we got to know Sali, we, using Pink&Green products, helped her with a skin condition.