As a Salon or Spa owner, are you looking for a quality organic skincare brand which does not impose onerous conditions upon you?

A brand which;

  • Has no massive start-up costs
  • Has no minimum order sizes
  • Offers personal attention and support for you and your business
  • Does not dictate how you should run your business, allowing you to run your business in your way.

Having run our own salons in the past, we are very aware of the challenges you face.

We used to find it challenging to find the time to fill out stock order forms. If we wanted just a few items, we had to wait until we had a “minimum order quantity”. We didn’t have someone to work with from the brand company to help us with our own specific needs to improve our business.

Every business is different. We listen to YOU and help YOU in a way that best suits YOU.

This might mean that you only wish to stock some of our range. You may want one item that you’ve run out of. You can choose how you order from us. We build YOUR order for YOUR business. You receive what you need, not what we decide you must have.

If this sounds helpful to you, please get in touch and we can explore your own specific requirements.

Carol Aplin Founder of Pink&Green Skincare
Carol Aplin Founder of Pink&Green Skincare

Please contact us at: Email:

Telephone: +44 (0)781 580 7775

We value your time.

We’d like to introduce you to two Salon Owners who are ambassadors of Pink&Green Skincare.  If you would like to find out more about our brand from therapists using the products on a daily basis, they’d be happy to hear from you.

Lizzie Salter

Lizzie Salter is the founder of The Kind Living Space based in Weston Super Mare.

With over 16 years’ experience as a Beauty & Holistic Therapist she has worked with many brands until recently deciding that she needed to align her business ethos with her personal values and thus created a 100% vegan, organic and natural setting that offers kind services for all. Lizzie stocks and uses Pink & Green Skincare, Maggie Anne Nail varnishes and the incredible natural, eco and luxurious make up range Zao. Simple yet effective brands that are always striving to enhance and improve their formulations, packaging and goals. Lizzie enjoys supporting smaller businesses and likes to encourage any company that shares her ethos on greener business.

You can experience tranquil, supportive and restorative services in the comforting knowledge that not only are the products and services good for you, but they protect the animals and the planet too, ethical luxury is possible!

“Beauty wrapped in kindness”

Charlotte Lauren

Charlotte is a Bristol based Complementary Therapist and is founder of Charlotte Lauren Therapies. Her passion for the world of wellbeing was sparked by a life changing reflexology and reiki treatment that she received over ten years ago which inspired her to train so that she could help others enjoy the benefits of holistic therapy.

Her practice includes holistic facials, massage, aromatherapy, advanced reflexology, and a range of signature treatments including Ayurvedic inspired therapies, developed during her work as a therapist. Charlotte specialises in creating bespoke packages for the bride-to-be and the bridal party to help manage stress levels in the lead up to the big day. She has worked with, and personally used, many different skincare brands during her career but her special interest in women’s health, energy work and mindfulness has always lead Charlotte to working with products which promote self-care and the importance of a skincare ritual that celebrates natural beauty.

Although mentoring clients on an individual basis is her passion, her experience within the third sector, specifically mental health, cancer support and also facilitation of wellbeing workshops has given her invaluable experience of working within a group environment to encourage sharing, creativity and healing.

Charlotte says:

” I am so delighted to be collaborating with Pink and Green Skincare. It was very important for me to work with a brand that I truly believe in and Carol has created a range of products with such heart and warmth, they are a joy to work with as a therapist. These environmentally conscious products are kind to the skin, promoting natural radiance and really delivering results for clients. This is artisan, organic, vegan skincare at its best.”