Tree Extinctions Threaten Everything

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I know I’ve touched on the topic of trees before. Back in November 2020, in our blog A History of Gift Wrapping, I mentioned how, each and every Christmas-time, we destroy countless trees to turn into wrapping paper. But this recent article from The Guardian, Prevent tree extinctions or face global ecological catastrophe, has exercised me somewhat.

The Menopause and Your Skin

The Menopause and Your Skin – in our most recent blog, we wrote about caring for mature skin. Hand-in-hand with mature skin is, of course, menopausal skin. And even post-menopausal.  It’s clear that there’s a great deal of overlap between the two in terms of your skin care regime. But the menopause can bring some particular things to look out for so this blog will take a look at those.

The Positive Benefits of Creativity

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Seeing a friend’s recent Instagram post got me thinking about the positive benefits of creativity.  In her post she talked about returning to painting – something she’d not done for a long time. And she described how she felt her return to this particular creative endeavour nurturing her soul. In particular because she’s decided to paint and draw and create for the experience and the journey alone, rather than a means to make money. And that was something she’d tried to do but found it dragged her down.

Sharing the Love

It’s February already – where does the time go? Anyway, February, as we all know, is all about the love. We can’t move for red and pink heart motifs. So, we thought we’d take the opportunity to have a rummage through related notions of being kind and sharing the love and even loving the skin you’re in.

Spreading the Skincare Love

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Before I set up my Pink&Green organic skincare brand, I’d worked for many years as a holistic therapist. When working with a client I instilled in them the importance of making time for themselves with which to pay attention to their skin. I urged them to listen to what their skin was telling them. And then to act on it. But I also listened to them talk about how their skincare didn’t suit them. There were too many harsh chemicals and too much sore skin.

2 Ways to Enjoy Cosy Autumn Nights In

Yep. The time for cosy, autumn nights in approaches. Later this month we’ll put the clocks back and then the time to hunker down with cosy candlelight, cashmere socks and snuggly blankets begins in earnest. And with that, the chance for some ‘you’ time? After all, as this quotation so perfectly puts it:

Greenpeace Day 2021

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2021 has thus far seen a range of dramatic weather events. We’ve seen the apocalyptic rain in Germany and parts of Belgium and the Netherlands that claimed 200 lives. Click into this Economist article and you’ll see a photograph that will take your breath away – but not in a good way. It rams home the unimaginable destruction they’ve suffered there. We’ve seen too the fearful fires blazing across the Mediterranean region, resulting from record-breaking summer heatwaves.  All of which has prompted me to flag up Greenpeace Day 2001 which is on the 15th September. And hot on its heels from the 20th – 26th September is national recycling week.