A Lone Wolf

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A lone wolf

“Wolves travel in packs, but the fiercest travel alone.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

I’m not sure that I’m fierce but it’s true enough that I am, in many ways, what you might call a lone wolf.

During our formative years most of us want to fit in, be part of the crowd, to follow the herd as it were. Many young people suffer agonies if they don’t have what every one else has and go where everyone else goes and all the rest of it. It’s understandable. Since humans first formed tribes, began to migrate in groups and carry out agricultural functions we’ve formed these behaviours. Safety in numbers I guess.

But not me. I don’t know why but I never, not even as a child, felt that need to belong and to do what everyone else was doing. I brought my two boys up to feel and do the same. And I’m happy to report that they’re both independent and independently-minded.

And this desire to be different is something that I strive to bring to Pink&Greeen.

Underpinning my business ethos is a desire for my clients to feel good about themselves. With that comes my ambition to make my business a beacon of good business practice, to be a business with products that speak for themselves rather than needing me to speak for them.

Many businesses offer their customers what they want you to have rather than what you’re asking for or what you need.

I’m trying something different. I’m trying an upside down or bottom up approach.

“It’s your difference that sets you apart, not your similarity, stand out!”
― Bernard Kelvin Clive

Instead of creating a product that want to make, that I think you’ll like and then looking for a way to get you to want it I’m trying something different. So, to that end, I’ve been asking you what you want and then set about creating it.

One outcome of that has been the development of a super gentle cleanser and moisturizer.

I asked you what your skin care challenges were. You told me that you struggled to find suitable products for skin that is super dry and super sensitive.

Now I can happily announce that the Pink&Green VERY gentle cleanser and moisturizer are gracing the shelves at P&G HQ.  Follow the link here: http://bit.ly/2qN8FaA

But there’s more. Also new on the P&G virtual shelves is our ‘Sample & Save’ system. Doing what it says on the tin, or jar, or phial this scheme allows you to try a sample size of a product to be sure it suits your skin before you purchase the full-sized product. It even comes with a single-use 20% discount voucher should you be delighted enough to want the full version on your dressing table.

We’re so pleased to be able to bring our sampling collection to you. We were sure, from listening to you, that this would be of value.

The system is working well already so thank you so much for telling us what you need.

An added bonus of the sampling collection is upon us now with the holiday season. They’re ideal for packing and, because a little goes a long way, they should see you through your holiday. Unless you’re going for a month. In which case, we’re jealous.

Have a look here at our sampling collection – http://bit.ly/2ru4Wm9

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