Eight Skin Benefits of Avocado Oil

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…the avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise.’ David Fairchild


The avocado is riding the crest of a popularity wave. And it shows no sign of crashing. Not content with being a superfood packed with health benefits it’s also a social media superstar. As this 2016 article in The Guardian, about how Instagram is changing the way we eat food, points out: ‘there are nearly 250,000 #avocadotoast hashtagged photos on Instagram’.  A phenomenal amount I’m sure you’ll agree.


But it’s not only your internal workings that the amazing avocado is beneficial for. It’s also a skin saviour. This article on Beauty and Tips.Com says it well:  ‘the secret of the avocado’s success is its oil. A rich source of oleic acid, it comes with numerous health benefits for your skin that keep you looking young, glowing and healthy for as long as possible.’


So, in another instalment in our occasional ‘education’ slot here’s a brief look at eight reasons why avocado oil is so great for your skin:


  1. It smoothes your skin

Thanks to its high levels of vitamin E, avocado oil is a steam iron for your skin.


Products containing avocado oil smooth, soften and prevent flare-ups.


  1. Avocado oil improves elasticity

Stretch, bouncy skin is key to younger and healthier looking skin. So get applying that avocado oil now.


  1. Slows down ageing

Ace avocado oil is chock full of anti-ageing properties. It can prevent those nasty free radicals we hear so much about from doing their worst to your skin. It can even reverse the ageing process. Sounds good huh?


  1. A super sunburn soother

We’ve most of us done it. Well the strength of that Sangria is soooo deceptive, isn’t it? You fall asleep in the sun and wake up two hours later as frazzled as crispy bacon because you forgot to apply the sun cream.


If you’ve got avocado oil in your kit bag no worries. Being so rich in antioxidants it’ll calm the inflammation and help your skin to a speedy recovery.


  1. Avocado oil for scalp health

Applied to your scalp, avocado oil offers protection against the sun’s UV rays. It can also reduce the effects of other scalp symptoms and stimulate hair growth if applied on a regular basis.


  1. Soothing on skin conditions

If eczema is a bane to you then avocado oil could be just what you need.


Another debilitating skin condition that responds well to avocado oil is acne. Avocado oil is an effective and natural anti-dote to acne. It’s packed with nutrients that help to clear the acne and prevent further breakouts.


It’s capable of deep penetration into your skin helping it to it kill off dead cells and remove pore-clogging excess oil.


  1. Collagen production booster

To stay firm, and smooth and rejuvenated your skin needs collagen. Apply avocado oil directly to your skin and it will boost collagen production. This in turn gives you some wrinkle protection.


  1. Avocado oil can help to heal scars

There’s not many of us that wouldn’t have our self-confidence at least dented by acne scars – or any scarring for that matter.


Yet avocado oil can speed up the healing process.


Avocado oil then is a talented, multi-purpose moisturiser. Even better it’s free from the potential harm of chemical compounds found in so many moisturizers.


Your skin, your facial skin in particular, is so easily irritated. It’s your most visible organ too so it makes sense to treat it well.


You won’t be at all surprised to know that here at Pink&Green we have a range of products harnessing the capabilities of the amazing avocado that are almost good enough to eat!


In no particular order, we have for your delectation and delight:


  1. Frankincense luxury moisturizer. This super-rich moisturizer is suitable for all skin types – even sensitive skin that can tolerate essential oils.


  1. Our ‘VERY’ gentle moisturizer. We’ve formulated this one for ultra-sensitive skin.


But we’re not all about the face. Hands too often get a raw deal when it comes to moisturizers. Which is why we designed our organic hand-lotion to be a dose of sunshine for your hands. This rich, long-lasting and easily absorbed hand lotion is what your hands have been waiting for.



I’m hesitant to mention this, what with neither Halloween nor Guy Fawkes night having happened yet. And I will be talking more about these things in my next post.


Yet knowing that some of you like to plan early … I’m waving a flag at our new-for-2017 gift sets. 















4 Responses

  1. Jean Algar

    Thanks – so which oil is best for mature skin ? Avocado, rosehip oil or Argan oil please? ie for sun damaged skin , sagging etc! Tha ks

    • Carol Aplin

      For me, Rosehip seed oil is truly an amazing product. It is believed to be one of the best oils available for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation
      Rosehip seed oil contains Vitamin A which helps to delay the effects of skin aging, assists with cell regeneration, and promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase. It dramatically improves the skin’s moisture levels. This results in firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin with greater elasticity.
      Rosehip seed oil also contains a high amount of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. Vitamin E promotes healthy skin and provides anti-oxidant effects.
      Both Argan and Avocado oil hold their weight when it comes to soothing and cooling skin exposed to wind/sun, alongside their other skin loving attributes.

    • Carol Aplin

      The article was looking at the benefits of avocado oil for the skin generally.

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