The Magic of Macadamia Oil for Your Skin

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In this latest addition to our informal education slot we’re taking a look at the all-round benefits of macadamia oil. They’re certainly something to go nuts about!

Not only can macadamia oil improve heart health, boost energy levels, smooth your digestion and boost bone health, it can also protect your eyes and tune up your immune and other protective systems. Not bad for one little nut.

This marvellous nut, indigenous to Australia though now cultivated far and wide, is rich in vitamin A, iron, protein, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin and folates.

Sounding rather like a recitation of the periodic table, it’s also pretty well blessed with copper, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Then there’s the antioxidants, amino acids, flavones and selenium. No wonder then that the macadamia nut, or to be more precise, its oil, is such a marvel. One with a multitude of internal and external benefits.

But, as maker and seller of skincare, it’s the benefits of macadamia oil for your skin that we’re concerned about here of course. As this article from Remedies and Herbs points out, the cosmetic industry knows a good thing when it sees one. It makes good use of macadamia oil because of its stability, good fat content and lubricating properties.

Macadamia is moisturizing and anti-aging
It’s the perfect balance of such fatty acids as oleic, linoleic and palmitoleic, contained in macadamia nut oil, that make it such a wonderful moisturizer. It locks in moisture to keep your skin soft and supple.

These fabulous fatty acids nourish the skin and help combat dry flakes. They also make Macadamia oil brilliant at preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

With the advancing years, the amount of palmitoleic acid our skin contains decreases. We’re all familiar with what happens next: our skin loses its tautness and elasticity. Macadamia oil though can restore the skin’s palmitoleic acid and so maintain its natural elasticity and prolong its suppleness and youthful appearance.

Another antioxidant present in macadamia oil is squalene. Squalene occurs naturally in our bodies. But boosting it with macadamia oil can lessen oxidative stress on your body’s fats and your skin. Such a reduction helps to prevent wrinkles and age spots, perk up skin healing rates and other signs of aging.

Sun Protection
Macadamia oil additionally is able to form a protective barrier against the sun. It’s able to prevent damage to the skin by those free radical bad boys.

Putting macadamia oil to good use
It’s no surprise then that here at Pink&Green we’ve harnessed the brilliant qualities of macadamia oil in some of our products.

Because it’s so emollient and moisturizing it features in our frankincense moisturizer and our luxurious facial oil for dry skin.

New to the Pink&Green stable is our ‘Age Well’ intensive facial serum. The macadamia oil it contains leaves your skin feeling so, so soft and smooth.

We’re not all about your complexion though. To give your body the same benefits as your face we’ve used this wonder oil in our tropical island body scrub. 

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