Some Summer Skincare and Tanning Do’s and Don’ts

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Irving Berlin’s 1933 song couldn’t be more appropriate as I sit writing this – enjoying an extended period of glorious sunshine and some high temperatures. So, what could be more appropriate I thought than to share some summer skincare and tanning do’s and don’ts.
Fake it or bake it?
When the sun comes out many of us rush out there to get as much sun as possible as quickly as possible. Because a real tan is so much nicer than a fake one right? Besides which, sunshine boosts our serotonin levels and makes us feel good. Which might explain Tennyson’s observation that in springtime a young man’s fancy turns to love.
But did you know that prostrating yourself under le soleil brille for 6 hours won’t make you any browner than soaking up the sun for 2-3 hours? Why? Well, this Cosmopolitan article on how to get the best safe tan explains. We all have our own melanin (the pigment that makes us go brown) cut-off point. For medium to dark skinned people this is around 2-3 hours. If you’re fair then it’s much shorter. Beyond that you’re not enhancing your tan but merely risking UV damage to your skin. It goes without saying that, whatever your melanin cut-off point is, you need the right sunscreen. And shade. Be sure to seek some shade.
Sunbeds – Don’t
No, not the kind around the swimming pool or on the beach – the salon kind. Despite what they may claim there is no such thing as a healthy tan. And these contraptions are the unhealthiest method of all to get that ‘just arrived back from the Cote D’Azur’ look. As the aforementioned article points out, ‘ … can increase your risk of skin cancer by 75% …’ Far better to be pale and interesting! And alive.
Summer skincare
In spring last year we wrote how your skin and the sun has a love hate relationship. On the plus side it makes us feel good. And it can boost vitamin D. Though your body’s ability to synthesize vitamin D from the sun is nil and slim in the northern hemisphere – even in the summer, because as a rule there’s not enough of it. There’s more of that in last year’s blog. So, sensible sunbathing and liberal applications of sun cream aside what else can you do to keep your skin look fresh and glowing rather than parched and flaky?
1. Drink lots of water! Plain, cool, clear water. This will go a long way to keeping you and your skin hydrated.
2. Use a face moisturizer with an SPF in it.
This gorgeous summer-perfect product gives cooling and soothing hydration to both your face and your hot little bod.
The aloe in the gel tones so it tightens and refines your skin’s appearance. It’s also a cooler, less sticky alternative to a moisturizer. It’s a great after-sun lotion too. All-in-all it’s almost a one stop summer skin saviour! And it smells divine too.
So, enjoy the sun and stay safe in it. While you’re there, have a listen to the unrivalled Ella Fitzgerald giving a rendition of the eponymous song:

  1. Julie

    Nice one Carol. AsI am not a sunbather I didn’t know our body has a limit. Would be nice to have the link to last year’s blog hyperlinked in the text to save having to search for it. Glad you put a link to the song at the end, I was puzzling over what song it was through the whole read-but then that’s how my mind works!

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