Beauty – it’s not skin deep

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I’m not about to dispute what we all know: that beauty is more than a fortunate arrangement of agreeable features. True beauty is, absolutely, about a loving heart and a caring soul. As the great American writer, critic and wit, Dorothy Parker, once said: ‘Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.’

Your skin is what you eat and drink

No, this blog concerns itself with the importance of good diet and hydration and its place in your skincare routine. This is bigger than putting cucumber slices on your eyelids! Reshma Field, personal stylist and owner of Ishbel’s Wardrobe, would say: ‘you are what you wear’. In the same vein this blog argues that your skin is what you eat.

Woman in kitchen with ingredients on table - beauty is not skin deep

Super foods for super skin

Here at Pink&Green we’ve touched on this topic before. Early in 2017 we wrote a small focus on the vital role of purple superfoods in ensuring healthy skin. ‘These superfoods include such wonders as beetroot, aubergines, red onions, and blueberries – the ultimate snack food! Easy to find in any supermarket or grocers, no other food does as much in the fight against skin degrading molecules. These are also known as “free radicals”.’

Even earlier than that, in 2016, Bonnie Prim wrote us a guest post about the unsung heroes of superfoods. In that article she wrote about some of the less-well-known-but-just-as-fab superfoods such as coriander and green peas. Both of which support skin health. So, it’s worth taking a look at that post.

Water, water, everywhere

Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues. Kevin R. Stone

That’s what your diet should have. In our recent blog, some summer skincare and tanning do’s and don’ts, and on our Facebook page, we mentioned the importance of keeping hydrated and the benefit of that for your skin.

And that includes your skin. Because hydration and nutrition are soooo important for your skin, I’m thrilled to be forming a collaboration with the Bristol-based nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner, Rosie Letts BSc mBANT CNHC.

Good Stuff On Your Skin

The Pink&Green organic and vegan skincare range is all about putting good stuff on the outside of your body – your skin. And applying soothing skincare products to your skin is a super way to support it. Yet it’s only part of what’s needed for both skin health and overall health.

Rosie’s work with nutrition though, is all about the inside and how what you put in supports what you put out. An ethos that fits hand in glove with that of Pink&Green’s: that one’s outer appearance and feelings of self-worth are also the result of our inner health – mental as well as physical. Indeed, we’ve touched on this in more than one blog – for instance this one on the line between self-interest and selfishness.

Rosie inspired me

I met Rosie a couple of years ago and found myself struck by her passion for helping people learn the real meaning of good health. Her programmes can help with all manner of ailments – infertility, eczema, gut health, hormone imbalances and more. With 800+ successful clients across the globe she has to be getting something right.

We’ll be sharing some of Rosie’s ‘inside helps the outside’ tips on our Facebook page because it’s so important to get the diet sorted.

In the meantime though, Rosie has a super informative blog all about hydration that I recommend you read. But here are five of her top hydration tips:

  • Always take a bottle of water out with you
  • Keep a bottle of water on your desk at work. Having water to hand means you are more likely to drink it!
  • Ensure you have a glass of water by your bed to drink on waking
  • Eat hydrating foods such as fruit and vegetables, soaked nuts, and short grain brown rice, which absorbs a lot of water when cooking.
  • Chew your food! When we chew our food to a smaller size it needs less water to digest it and then uses up less water in the body.

If the idea of promoting your beauty from the inside has piqued your interest here’s a link to more of Rosie’s helpful resources. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you’re the social sort.

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