Hydrate and Renew Gel

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Stay Hydrated – Stay Healthy

As this blog from the Natural Society about the benefits of hydration points out, a fish needs water to breathe. And, while we can breathe without water, we still need water to live. It goes on to point out that staying hydrated is, it’s arguable, the most important way to stay healthy there is. Yet, many of us are dehydrated without realizing it.

Without enough water in your body your:

  • Cells get congested
  • Your skin can’t detox
  • And your bladder and kidneys won’t work so well as they should.

You’re likely to feel tired and eat more too. So, you can see how good hydration helps health.

Hydration is great for your skin

But of course, water makes a splash on your skin condition as well as on your general health. Drinking enough water is vital if you’re prone to dry skin. As is some basic skin care.

Putting varnish or paint on a piece of wood without first sanding it down is a waste of time and effort. You’ll get patchy with results at best. And it’s much the same with your skin. There’s little point in spending your hard-earned cash on moisturizers etc if you don’t make some effort to sand it down first. By which we mean, get rid of any flaky, dry skin. Two good ways to achieve that are:

  1. Dry body brushing to help exfoliation – and as it so happens here’s one we wrote earlier on the benefits of body brushing.
  1. Using body scrubs to aid exfoliation – Pink&Green come to the rescue here with our range of skincare scrubs. We’ve got scrub products suitable for hands, body and feet – all your sebaceous scrub needs met!

When you’re out and about and the weather is warm, or you’re in an over-heated environment, a fabulous way to keep your skin hydrated is a cooling spritz. Ideal for that purpose the Pink&Green floral rose water spritz. Keep the 30ml size in your handbag at all times and refill it from the 100ml size. It’s nourishing, hydrating and toning. Alcohol free it’s lovely for sensitive skins. Your fail-safe, hero spritz.

And, brand new on the Pink&Green virtual shelves is – drum roll please – our ‘Hydrate & Renew Gel’, with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid.That latter ingredient is key to hydration.  If dehydrated and unexfoliated skin is dull, lacklustre and slack, then well hydrated skin is the opposite. Think plump, firm and luminous.

hydrate and renew gel

A water-holding miracle: hyaluronic gel

This article from The Telegraph about hyaluronic acid points out that it’s the unique ability of hyaluronic acid to hold as much water as it can that it so invaluable to your skin. What it does is act as a sponge, holding huge quantities of water in the skin. Indeed, one gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six litres of water. Impressive huh?

The result? It plumps out the skin. Thus, fine lines can be minimised and the skin’s texture improved. And who wouldn’t want that? You know you! Click here to buy the Pink&Green hydrating and renew gel and look forward to plumper, more radiant skin.

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