Travelling Light

Travel-Sized Skincare

‘Got no bags and baggage to slow me down
I’m travelling so fast my feet ain’t touching the ground
Travelling’ light, travelling’ light
Well I just can’t wait to be with my baby tonight

No comb and no toothbrush
I’ve got nothing to haul …’ Cliff Richard – Travelling Light

Travelling without a comb and a toothbrush might be a step too far – there are some things one really can’t do without after all! And now, thanks to Pink&Green’s new travel sized range of organic skincare essentials, you can maintain your summer skincare regime with ease. And let’s face it with shrinking baggage allowances and hand luggage restrictions we need all the help we can get.

Travelling with Checked-in Baggage

The weight of luggage you can take varies between different airlines and whether you’re flying economy or business class and so on – but it might, as this UK Flight Centre advice points out, be as little as 15kg. That’s not that much. Even if you’re not packing twelve pairs of sandals it doesn’t leave much weight and space for your skincare needs does it now?

travel sized skincare

Humping, for example, a full-sized aloe & seaweed skin soothing gel to the Costa Brava in your checked-in luggage isn’t practical.

No need to have un-soothed, uncooled skin though with our travel sized version.

Another consideration is the charge that some carriers now apply to checked-in luggage. To avoid that fee, many travellers opt to take the biggest carry-on luggage available. For all the associated hand-luggage restrictions at UK airports attached to that – it’s a wise choice – in particular for a short break.

And yes, of course you can buy small bottles and pots into which you decant your needs from your full-sized versions. If you’ve got the time and energy then fab. But if you haven’t – and who has? – then we’re confident we’ve got what you need in our travel-sizes. Well – aside from a comb and toothbrush that is. Those we can’t help you with. Yet.

The range includes individual items and combinations of all your Pink&Green favourites. If you only take ONE skincare combination away with you make the Mandarin Cleanser, Frankincense and Rosewater Toner set. That’s all your major needs covered in a handy, cotton drawstring bag which has capacity for extra items. Your toothbrush and comb perhaps?

And finally, as we mentioned Cliff, it’d be rude not to. Here he is singing Travelling Light:

Oh – no – one last thing: happy holidays!

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