Using Clay in Your Skincare Routine

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Using clay in your skincare routine

Cleopatra, born circa 69 B.C, a queen of Egypt famed for her supposed intellect and beauty – not to mention a somewhat salacious love life. 

As a queen, and thus a person of prominence, she may or may not have had feet of clay. But, as her beauty secrets were well-documented, we know that she used clay face masks as part of her beauty regime. Look at this blog from the Alternative Daily about thirteen natural beauty secrets of seductive Cleopatra,  and you’ll see that she seemed to know a thing or two about enhancing her allure. No wonder Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony fell for her charms.

Clay face masks were only one part of her skincare routine of course, but the burning question now of course is: why? What did Cleopatra know about clay as a skincare ingredient that you want to know too?!

Using Clay in Your Skincare Routine  - woman wearing clay face mask

Clay puts a stop to shine and absorbs oil

Clay helps to detox the skin. As this dermstore blog points out It draws out oil and impurities from the surface of your skin. If you have acne or skin prone to being oil, this ability will interest you. With a clay mask you can wave a not-so-fond farewell to clogged pores.

And if you’re blessed enough that you’re not plagued with skin breakouts, the minerals and acids in clays will benefit other skin types too. Indeed, because it’s so effective at cleaning and clearing out the skin, it’s use is not restricted to masks. You’ll find clay in many skincare products.

Another skin – another clay

Note though that not all clays are born equal. Or at least, different clays are more suitable for different skin types. That’s because, as this Look Fantastic blog on the benefits of clay for skin, points out, different clay types contain varying levels of minerals. Ergo, each one is more effective on different skin types. Ergo, you need to get the right one for your needs. That way you’ll be sure to get the healthy complexion you desire but minus the side effects.

Two of the many types of clay used in skincare are rose clay and kaolin. Whichever kind though, they’re all fab for times when your skin needs some TLC.

Persona facemask

Here at Pink&Green we offer two face mask products with which to channel your inner Cleopatra and feel like a queen.

Our rejuvenating Persona face mask, uses kaolin – one of the mildest clays around. The Persona mask, hydrates your skin, giving it vitality and helping to refresh and restore that youthful-looking bloom.

On the other hand, for an indulgent and decadent face mask experience try our chocolate and rose face and body mask. Using rose clay for gentle polishing, detoxing and firming, this a mask we’re confident Cleopatra would have loved. This luxurious blend will help to smooth out your skin’s imperfections and leave you with soft, smooth and refreshed skin.

A versatile product, you can also use this face mask as a cleanser. Massage it into your skin in circular motions, avoiding the eye area, and rinse it of before it sets.

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