Pink & Green Pop-Up Shop in Cheltenham’s Molton Brown store

Pink&Green Pops up!

Pink & Green have got some exciting news to share with you. We’re having a Pink&Green pop-up shop in Molton Brown in Cheltenham.

Let us explain. Some months ago now we met Sali Green, owner of the Iwork4UGlocs business directory. As we got to know Sali, we, using Pink&Green products, helped her with a skin condition.

Before and after pictures of skin problem and One Balm.
A before and after picture of Sali Green. And Pink&Green One Balm.

So delighted was Sali by the results that she felt inspired to start her own skincare range – with my help. In the end though, Sali decided she simply had not the time to give it the promotion it needed so decided instead to promote us. Hence this exciting opportunity with Molton Brown to have a pop-up shop in their store on Cheltenham’s swish Promenade shopping area.

Molton Brown Pop-Up Shops

Molton Brown – or this store at least – have a strategy of creating points of interest each week to draw people into the store. So, instead of it looking pretty much the same week in and week out they create a sense of ‘Ooooh. What’s all that then?’ to shoppers rather than ‘Yep-seen that. Got that.’ Rather insightful if you ask us.

They offer a generous amount of space in their store for local and/or artisan companies to display and promote their products. They’ve found this to be an arrangement of mutual benefit both to them and to the pop-up businesses.

So, since Molton Brown don’t do facial skincare Sali suggested us. Molton Brown did what you’d expect them to do and checked us out on social media and the rest. Satisfied with what they found they decided they’d be happy to have our brand in their store. Isn’t that wonderful?

The next stage then was for us to meet up with their manager and assistant manager – Alison and Megan respectively – to discuss the idea.

The Outcome?

Well two as it happens!

  1. 28thSeptember – 11 to 4pm. Visit the Molton Brown Cheltenham store and enjoy an express facial with Lisa Maria, an ambassador for our brand. Enjoy a glass of fizz and enter our free raffle to win a Mandarin Cleanser and Frankincense moisturiser in a cotton drawstring bag. Plus, you’ll have the chance to sample our latest product, our Hydrate and Renew Gel.
  1. Then, on 24thOctober, there’s an ‘invitation only’ event hosted by Molton Brown themselves. At that event, we’ll show guests how to create a facial skincare routine and talk to them about our ethos and the benefits of organic skincare.

Read about the Pink&Green ethos here on our website. And explore our full facial skincare range here.

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