There’s a brand-new dance but I don’t know its name
That people from bad homes do again and again
It’s big and it’s bland full of tension and fear
They do it over there but we don’t do it here …

Fashion – David Bowie

Earlier this month, 13-17thof September, saw designers and models strutting their stuff on the catwalks of London Fashion week. Apropos of nothing other than a warm memory, a few years back the fashion atelier Soropol, used our Pink&Green cleansing oil in their goodie bags. And we received two free tickets to the London catwalk event which was lots of fun!

A Bit About Fashion Week

This super stylish blog from the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair’s history of fashion week tells us that 1983 saw the British Fashion Council founded, with the first edition of London Fashion Week taking place in February 1984. In that same year the first ever British Fashion Awards took place where Katherine Hamnett picked up the Designer of the Year award. Though her political slogans and her ethical wares have been notable by their absence since Fashion Week 2003. If you’re not aware, Ms Hamnet works to an ethos of sustainability. You can read her manifesto on the topic here.

But … what is fashion? How do we define it? The most straightforward way to describe fashion is to call it a popular aesthetic expression of a time or a context. We associate this expression with clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, hairstyle, make-up and even body proportions. But other things have ‘moments’ too – music and food spring to mind. Prawn Cocktail, steak and chips, rounded off with Black Forest Gateau anyone? Remember that classic menu of the 1970s?

Different to fashion, the word trend connotes something quite specific – often not even lasting a season.

Style on the other hand … that’s an expression lasting many seasons – even forever. Style tends to have connections with cultural movements – even social markers. And, should style, fashion and trends be your bag (and BIG bags are back big time) then we recommend you head over to the latest blog from Ishbel’s Wardrobe for the top trends of this autumn/winter season.

fashion - clothes on rails in a store

Good Skincare Never Goes Out of Style

As we watched the models at work on the catwalk at the event we attended, I couldn’t help but be struck by the industrial quantities of cosmetics on their skin. And how damaging it might be to their skins. They’re wearing great clothes for sure. But do they have great skincare? I trust that they do.

Anyway, I can’t worry about their skincare but I can take care of yours.

We have a gorgeous range of facial skincare products, most of which you’ll be familiar with by now. But have you seen our latest product? Our Hydrate and Renew Gel with hyaluronic acid, replenishes moisture-starved skin. A mere ONE gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to SIX litres of water.

Hydrate and renew gel with hyaluronic acid

If you’ve not tried it yet what are you waiting for? Buy now and enjoy its regenerative and restorative effects.

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