Blossom Menopause Cream

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Blossom Menopause Cream

blossom menopause cream

Here at Pink&Green HQ we’re delighted to introduce a new, collaborative product for women of a certain age. Together with Andrea Marsh of Cotswold Menopause, we bring you Blossom Menopause Cream.

Below Andrea describes how the product came into being.

Blossom Menopause Cream – effective heat relief packed full of nature’s goodies

When I started helping women to relieve their menopause symptoms, I had a parallel interest in whether essential oils could help.  So, I began researching. The first oils that I found effective was a blend designed to uplift the spirits. All one has to do with this blend is sniff it and feel your mood lighten.


Essential oils, often called nature’s medicine, come from barks, flowers, stems, roots, twigs and fruits. They all have medicinal qualities for our mind, body and spirit. 

The molecules of an essential oil when inhaled, pass into our nervous system. Once they reach the limbic system in our brain, they work on our emotions and motivation. Wonderful if you’re feeling low and lethargic!


That was the next hurdle – SO I went on a course called ‘Pharmacogonosy’.  This is about the self-selection of essential oils for helping you. It was here that I first learnt about using oils for hormone imbalances.

Other oils such as geranium to relieve stress, peppermint to cool all came along and went into the mix, and, it started to smell good. This is the main point, the blend smelled good, and to some women it smelled good enough to eat! The basis of Phamacognosy – if it smells good then it will help you. If it smells bad then it’s toxic. Essential oils need careful handling as the wrong one or the wrong amount is harmful – they’re powerful medicine.

My next challenge lay in how to blend the oils for physical application with the uplifting oils, and ultimately how to make a product that women everywhere could use.


I’d met Carol about 18 months earlier at Ladies who Latte in Cheltenham, and I’d become a fan of her natural products. As my skin changed with the menopause I found myself using more natural ingredients and essential oil-based products. And that’s exactly what Carol specialises in.

Stumped on how to move forward with my idea, I gave Carol a call to gauge her interest in helping create a product for hot flush relief. Luckily for me, my idea piqued her interest.  Thus, began the blending and testing, and blending and testing. 

The results from women experiencing severe menopause symptoms were encouraging.  We saw hot flushes relieved, night sweats eased and the cream proved also to be calming and uplifting. Everything I wanted from my new cream. But the key question remained: does the cream smell good?


Offer the cream to someone outside of the menopause and they’re either indifferent to the smell or they don’t like it. Common comments are that it smells like a cleaning product. But reactions from women on the menopause time line range from finding the cream pleasant to not being able to get enough of it. Sometimes they ask if they can eat it!

Well no, if you’re wondering, you can’t. But it will help you. If it smells good, it IS good. Should you have heat symptoms like flushes and sweats, we’ve done enough testing to know you will love the scent of this cream.

And if you’re perimenopausal and are yet to have the heat symptoms you’re still in a hormonal fluctuation on a daily basis, so you sniff the cream every day. Some days it will smell better than others. Those are the days on which you’ll get the most benefit.


Hot flushes are a physical change to the body. Common triggers are anxiety, emotional and hormonal surges. The cream works on the trigger element in seconds. Massaging it into the pulse points on your inner wrists lets your blood stream absorb the oils. Thus it can get to work – fast. Peppermint is a foot cream staple for its cooling and soothing effect.  In this cream, along with a gorgeous combination of oils selected with care, peppermint oil eases your symptoms.


As we travel through the menopause we lose oestrogen, and this affects our skin. I love using Carol’s Hydrate and Renew Gel , followed by One Balm in the mornings. Together they protect my skin when I’m out in all weathers walking the dog.

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  1. Joanne

    Hi I am suffering with hot sweats at night due to the menopause I also have got troubled skin due to having acne rosacea it can flare up at any time could this product help it. Jo

    • Carol Aplin

      Hi Jo. Thank you for your questions. Most definitely, our Blossom Cream was created to help alleviate the intensity of hot flushes and night sweats. This cream is incredibly calming too. Inhaling this cream can have an immediate uplifting and calming effect on your mood. This product is a body cream. For your acne rosacea, avoiding chemicals that would aggravate it is important here. Our VERY Gentle Cleanser and Moisturiser, as the name implies, is VERY Gentle and is specially formulated with ultra sensitive skin in mind. We can offer samples if you would like to test these. We hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

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