A Leap Year Proposal

Are you making a leap year proposal? And do you know why a leap year gives you the opportunity to propose to the object of your affections? And – more to the point – how do you feel about the fact that tradition allows you to take the initiative every four years. But first – a bit about how and why we have leap years at all.

Get into Orbit

Thanks to a quirk of the earth’s orbit and the combined efforts of Julius Caesar (of the Holy Roman Empire) and 16th-century Pope Gregory XIII (of Gregorian calendar fame), we have to add an extra day on to February to create a leap year. As if February weren’t miserable enough. In so doing they unleashed a host of weird superstitions and traditions across the world. 

This blog from Lonely Planet details a good number of leap year traditions for your delectation.  The we all know and love (???) is that of women getting down on one knee instead of their man.  Because of course, this ancient tradition presupposes that all romantic/sexual couples comprise a man and a woman. And if you need only one reason why this tradition has no validity in the 21st Century it’s right there.

Will you marry me?

Having learned who to blame for the fact that we even have leap years, who can we shake a fist at for the every-four-years magnanimous matrimonial dispensation? A bit of fishing around in the ether reveals the 5thcentury, Irish St Bridget as the likely candidate. It appears she complained that some men took their time about getting to the proposal part of relationships. To be fair to them they didn’t have Hallmark Cards to remind them, did they? So, she and St Patrick shook hands on a deal giving women the chance to say ‘Will you marry me?’ on the 29th February.  The thought being that this move brought some balance to traditional male/female roles as leap day balances the calendar.

But do you not consider why, in the 21st Century, society is still endorsing women going down on bended knee on ONE day every four measly years?

As this article from The Spectator about why women proposing on leap years is wrong on so many levels, points out, the idea the women have to have the patience of a saint and wait four years depends on one big assumption. That assumption being, that we can’t propose whenever we want!  The article goes on to argue that the leap year proposal is a myth, kept alive to keep women in their place. You decide?

It’s the 21st century ladies. If you want to get married you don’t need one special day to ask. You can make an any day proposal not only a leap year proposal.

A Leap Year Proposal - february 29 leap day

The birds and the bees do it – and celebrities do it too

Plenty of strong women take matters into their own hands. Several celebrities over the decades have done so. Zsa Zsa Gabor claims she proposed to all nine of her husbands. Halle Berry and Jennifer Hudson did the proposing to theirs. And the punk popstar Pink proposed to motocross star Corey Hart just before he embarked on a race.

Gilbert & Sullivan wrote of faint heart never winning fair lady. Well fair lady – the same is true in reverse.

A Leap Year Proposal - pink and green products

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