Our Most Loved Products

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April 2020

Our Most Loved Products
Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, we’re all of us sailing in uncharted waters. Forced into a mixture of social distancing and lockdown measures as the UK government strives to minimise the effect of the virus on our NHS. So, one way or another many of us are pondering on what is most loved in our lives.

It’s clear that our jobs and our businesses are high on the ‘most loved’ list. But so too are our loved ones – in particular now so many of us can’t be with them in person. Instead, we’re having to content ourselves with Facetime, Zoom, Skype and the like. None of these platforms make an adequate substitute for ‘being there’ of course. But imagine how much harder all this would be without technology. It doesn’t bear thinking about does it? 

Caring for Yourself and Thinking of Others

Caring for others and the importance of self-care is a subject we’ve touched on more than once in our blogs.

 In Small Pleasures and the Danish Art of Hygge, we wrote how consciousness and mindfulness and an ability to be present are what really lie at the heart of hygge – and not cashmere socks and candles. That and being sure you care for yourself so that you can then care for others have become more than luxuries. In the current climate such things have become survival techniques as we learn to live with lockdown measures and social distancing. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that we stay as well as we can – both mentally and physically – to support ourselves and our families. 

As we wrote in our 2018 blog about the difference between self-interest and self-care:

‘An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.’ – Unknown

A New Reality

This new reality has wrought a change in what we’re seeing here at Pink & Green HQ. 

With the-just-gone Mothering Sunday all but cancelled and the forthcoming Easter celebration in the same floundering boat, our customers are buying more gift sets to send to friends and relatives both home and abroad. This is both for special occasions and in general. Indeed, we’re seeing something of a surge of customers sending gifts with loving and supportive messages simply because. It seems clear there’s a recognition of the need for caring for oneself and others that we’ve alluded to above.

So! To help you in this we’ve come up with a few things:

We’ve brought together a selection of our Most Loved products in one easy to find portal here.

And, we’re giving you the option to buy a gift set with or without a gift box. To keep in step with our desire to improve our environmental footprint, we’re giving you the option of not having the box. A gift set is cheaper without the box so that makes them more accessible.

You can view our gift selections, starting from £19.50, on our website here.

PLUS: whether with the gift box or without it, we’ll send a hand-written note bearing your loving message along with your chosen gift. Simply add what you’d like to say in the box for order notes that you see at checkout.

Doesn’t that make it a little easier to be kind to yourself, your friends and your family?

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