Hard Working Skincare Heroes

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May 2020

Hard Working Skincare Heroes
A thing happened recently that’s prompted me to give a shout-out to some of our hard working skincare products. Two of which feature in our selection of Most-Loved productsas described in last month’s blog.

What happened was this: we gave a shout-out to nurses and carers on our Facebook page, after a nurse bought our One Balm and luxury organic Frankincense moisturizer. She commented that the products had been a lifesaver for her complexion, made sore from wearing PPE all day. We were delighted, of course, to hear that those products were saving the skin (in the literal sense) of someone working hard to save our skins during this Covid-19 crisis. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated her taking the time to tell us that.

It occurred, that you might be new to the Pink & Green product range. And so not familiar with these hardworking every day skincare heroes.  Thus, this blog is a shout-out for the products in question.

Before I get to that though, if you’re already a regular user of these products, do let us know what you like about them. If you’re not camera shy a short video of yourself talking about them would be great.

Anyway, back to the hard working skincare products in question:

  • One Balm
  • Frankincense moisturizer and …with all that hand washing to the tune of Happy Birthday to You (twice) and regular hand sanitiser use taking it out of our hands – Pink & Green’s hand lotion.

One Balm

Many of our customers go balmy (pun intended) for this product because it’s so versatile.

If you’re in a rush, with time at a premium (like our hardworking medical staff – and all key workers for that matter) or you don’t want to hump loads of different products around, One Balm is brilliant. And more of it here in its own blog – one balm for a busy life!

It’s chock-full of skin-loving ingredients, like shea butter, apricot and rosehip oils. This un-fragranced formulation is sublime for super-sensitive skins.

One Balm is packaged in an airless pump that doesn’t dispense all the product. Rather it leaves some when pump stops dispensing the balm. We don’t short-change you here – we compensate by putting an extra 10% of product in so you get your 30 ml.

The big problem is that it renders this packaging impossible to recycle. Indeed this is an issue we discussed in our blog for global recycling day. If you’ve got any bright ideas on alternative ways to package this product please let us know.

One Balm from Pink & Green organic skincare.

Frankincense Moisturizer

Frankincense luxury moisturizer - Hard Working Skincare
Frankincense luxury moisturizer

Many users tell us that this rich Frankincense moisturizer is good enough to eat. Laden with regenerating and rejuvenating oils, this product is nourishing and replenishing. Skin nutrition is what it is.

If you have sensitive skin that will accept essential oils you’ll be able to enjoy this product.

Organic Hand Lotion

Hard Working Skincare Heroes - pink & green organic hand lotion

We call this hand lotion ‘sunshine for your hands because it’s light. It leaves no oily residue and contains vitamin D. Along with vitamin A, avocado oil and a host of other wonderful ingredients.

The lotion has a smoky frankincense scent with warm and woody lavender undertones along with a fresh, fruity orange scent.  Below is a wonderful testimonial from a lady who received our hand lotion as a gift.

Hard Working Skincare - testimonial for organic hand lotion.

Hard working skincare heroes these products are for sure. Yet they’re far from utilitarian. We like to think they’re an accessible touch of luxury.

We hope you fancy trying these – or anything else from our product range for that matter. After all, as the aphorism goes, a little bit of what you fancy does you good.

Any questions or comments – get in touch with us here.

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