Life is About Change

Life is About Change

Life is about change right now, that’s for sure. I mean – it always is of course. Permanent changes here to stay – that sort of thing. In the grip of a pandemic though, change has hit us harder than a GWR-built-King-Class locomotive. But then these are extraordinary circumstances.

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Sudden change, such as we’re been experiencing these last few months, often has the effect of bringing our thinking to the forefront of our brains and alerts us to the here and now. A bit like the fight or flight instinct. Whereas, under normal circumstances, when things are jogging along nicely thank you, we might well bob along in a sort of automatic pilot mode. Have you noticed such changes in your way of thinking during this Covid-19 situation? We have here at Pink&Green.

Anyway, in ordinary circumstances change is often wont to sneak up on us. Which is just as well eh? If we were one day to see how we change from being aged 20 to 60 – oh gosh – what a shock that would be! On the whole then, it’s a good thing that changes in our appearance – and even our lives – are often so incremental that we don’t notice them.

The thing is though – if life is about change – then so is our skin. The two are symbiotic.

‘I don’t think of getting older as looking better or worse: it’s just different.
You change. And that’s okay.
Life is about change.’ Heidi Klum

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How our skin changes

Here at Pink&Green HQ we make organic and vegan skincare. So, we figured we’d have a look at how our skin changes. And what you can do to support it through those inevitable changes.

As this article from points out: ‘Our skin is at the mercy of many forces as we age: sun, harsh weather, and bad habits.’ Let’s have a little look at two of those now:

  1. Sun damage: As Baz Luhrmann points out in his ‘song’ Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen: ‘If I could offer you one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it’.

    Unless you’re going to spend your life in a hermetically sealed bubble, you will incur some sun damage. But, if you take Baz’s advice you can reduce that.

    2. Bad habits! – There’s no doubt that heredity plays a part in how well – or otherwise – your skin ages. It’s a reasonable rule of thumb that the darker your skin the better it will withstand the ravages of life and standing at cold, wet bus stops!

That aside, clean living – or the lack of it – plays a big part. Poor diet, excess imbibing and smoking, in particular, will all have a detrimental effect on your skin’s ageing process.

Smoking can produce those nasty free radicals we hear so much about. Free radicals are oxygen molecules gone bad. Once healthy, these molecules become overactive and unstable. They damage your skin’s cells leading to premature wrinkles.

Other skin damaging factors

Sharing the podium with sun exposure, smoking and the dreadful British climate as top factors in causing skin changes, we also have pollution, stress, obesity, the way we sleep and plain, simple, gravity.

It’s clear then that, while our skin can’t stay forever youthful – and nor should it – we can take steps to help our skin stay supple and looking fresh. Aside from slapping on the sunscreen that is.

Paging Pink & Green

As good design would have it, Pink & Green have a wonderful range of facial moisturizers, oils and lotions for all skin types, to help you do that very thing.

Pink&Green Hydrate and Renew Gel with hyaluronic acid.

Super popular in our shop of late is one of our most recent additions to our product range, is our hydrate and renew gel.

Containing hyaluronic acid, this easily-absorbed gel replenishes moisture loss in your skin, keeping it hydrated.

Find out more and shop for this gorgeous product here.

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