Keeping the Customer Satisfied

10th August 2020

Keeping the Customer Satisfied

Crucial to any business, big or small, is keeping the customer satisfied. And I’ll admit that, achieving customer satisfaction is easier for Pink&Green as a moderate sized business, than it is for a ginormous multi-national. But that doesn’t mean we don’t work at it.

As Mike Kappel writes in this 2017 article, being small lets you reach people on a deeper personal level than big businesses. And that in turn, turns into stronger customer relationships. Something that Pink&Green has worked hard to foster across our blogs, our social media and not forgetting face-to-face.

Keeping the customer satisfied
Keeping the Customer Satisfied

Treat your business relationships like friendships (or potential friendships). Formality puts up walls, and walls don’t foster good business relationships. No one is loyal to a wall… except the one in China.

Steve Pavlina

In the same vein as the above quote, our business is all about building lasting relationships. We care about what matters to our customers and we go out of our way to help them. We strive to have a business where selling isn’t all-consuming. Of course we need to sell. And pretending otherwise would be absurd. But what we also do – and we love it – is listen to our customers – as you’d listen to a friend with a problem. And then do our best to solve that problem Sometimes we can make a product to solve someone’s particular problem – and it’s worthwhile effort because so often there’s someone else out there with the very same problem. But sometimes, keeping the customer satisfied means referring them elsewhere.

But it’s okay, you know. Because people matter more than a sale. And they remember!

Happy customers will do anything to continue the relationship.

Harley Majcher

Walking a different path

Back in 2017, in this blog about being a lone wolf, I wrote about my lifelong desire to be separate from the pack and to take a different path. And how a desire to be different is something that I’ve striven to bring to Pink&Green.

I wrote in that blog of what underpins my business ethos:

  1. A desire to help my clients feel good about themselves and …
  2. … to be a business with products speaking for themselves rather than me speaking for them.

Far too many businesses offer their customers what they them to have, rather than what they ask for. But Pink&Green? Well, we operate an upside down or bottom up approach.

As Bernard Kelvin Clive said: “It’s your difference that sets you apart, not your similarity, stand out!”

Our latest turn on the business path involves the way in which we make up each order.

There’s nothing, and never has been, anything mass-produced about our product range. It’s all hand-made in our Wiltshire studio from natural, organic ingredients. But until recently, we did make our products in batches and have rows of bottles and jars, of most of the range, standing in serried ranks on the shelves awaiting sale.

But now we’ve moved away from that to making-to-order. This method of production is of course more time-consuming – yet it feels right. Doing it this way gives us a stronger connection to the customer – a feeling that we’re doing it for them as an individual rather than an anonymous Jane Doe. And, though this might sound fanciful – but I’m serious – it increases my gratitude for each and every customer. After all – there’s beauty in simplicity.

For organic and vegan skincare made with love and care and the personal touch, browse our online shop here.

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