A Changing Landscape for Us All

24 August 2020

Oh, how our world has changed in the last few months! We’d barely seen out the old year when the globe plunged into a health crisis with the Covid-19 pandemic. And that, as we’ve talked about on our blog before in several different ways, has created a changing landscape for us all – in all manner of ways.

The effect on the business world, of which we at Pink&Green are a part, has been seismic. Some have had to shift what they do and how they do it to survive. So, cafes have started doing deliveries of eggs and bread, or vegetable boxes. Others have put their physical offerings into an online form – all as ways of surviving. Not that survival has been possible for all. For many, Coronavirus has been nothing short of catastrophic.

Though of course it’s not only business that’s been a changing landscape for us all. So too has the way in which we conduct our social interactions and organise our lives.

A Changing Landscape for Us All - barren land with dead tree shifting to a lush field of red flowers with birds in the sky

Keeping the customer satisfied

But returning to business – as that’s what we are, as indeed are many of our clients – this interesting blog from the business blogs hub, How to Compete in a Rapidly Changing Business Landscape, has some nice points about adding value to the customer experience and creating a positive brand image by doing the right thing.

In our last blog, Keeping the Customer Satisfied, I wrote how we’ve started making up individual orders rather than doing them in batches as we used to do. We love that it gives us a personal connection to each order and helps us to value it and the client even more. I’d say that that, along with our regular practice of striving to give the customer what they want rather than what we want them to have, fits well with the aforementioned blog’s notion of adding value to the customer experience. Along with the dried rose petals and delicate tissue paper we put in our orders of course.  As that blog said: ‘It’s these small things that show customers that you’re willing to go the extra mile to help them out and get the most out of their customer experience.’

Doing the right thing

How else are we trying to do the right thing? And yes, create a positive brand image – who wouldn’t want that? To refer to the blog above once more, putting a positive brand image in the minds of both customers and the public is vital when trying to stay competitive in the business world.

One way that we work to do the right thing, is in our packing. Having sustainable packaging is important to us – but we admit we’ve not always got it right and it’s a work in progress. We wrote about the topic in a blog back in March for Global Recycling Day. Indeed, we got a good amount of engagement from our followers on social media on this particular topic. It’s evident that this is something that exercises them as much as it does us.

But that was back in March. What about now? The question of what my customers will want now is the one at the forefront of my busy brain. A short while ago it was too soon to ask it. But now we have, for the most part at least, settled into our current circumstances and we’ve calmed down a bit, it feels important to ask the question.

So, customers and followers – tell us. If there’s anything we’re doing that you’d prefer we didn’t. Or the converse of course – then please let us know.

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