May’s Most Loved Marvels

May’s Most Loved Marvels
The spring or vernal equinox falls in late March and from that day forward our world begins its slow stir from its winter slumber. So this month we decided to have a look at May’s most loved marvels in nature. And also in our product range. Around this time last year we wrote about some of hardworking skin care products – items that work as hard as you do. It happens that those most diligent skincare items are often our most loved products – something else we wrote about in early spring, last year.

Back to nature

This lovely article from the BBC lists ten reasons to love spring. As they say, ‘spring is the season when nature bursts back into life in an explosion of sight, sound and colour. What better invitation to get out and explore?’

May’s Most Loved Marvels - butterflies on wildflowers

The BBC’s ten reasons to love spring are:

1. Birdsong peaking – Though it’s not until the end of spring, when our migrating singing species return, that the ensemble is complete and the dawn chorus gets into full and glorious song.

2. Animal life waking up – as the temperature rises our hibernating animals wake up. Spring brings their food supply back to them.

3. Days lengthening – As mentioned above, around the 20/21st March we have the spring/vernal equinox. That’s when the earth’s orbit around the sun brings near equal lengths of day and night. The spring equinox marks the season’s astronomical start. Whereas the 1st March marks the meteorological start.

4. Woodland wildflowers blooming – So many wildflowers burst into brilliant bloom at this time of the year. A superb spring spectacle is that of the bluebells carpeting the floors of British woodlands.

5. Bumble bees and butterflies sallying forth – it never gets old. One’s first spring sighting of a bee or butterfly is a fine feel-good moment full of summer promise.

6. Mad March hares boxing – If you’ve ever wondered where the expression mad as a March hare comes from it’s this. A sort of courtship ritual involving female hares fending off the advances of the rather too frisky males.

7. Blossom confetti falling everywhere – a universal herald of spring. Whether it be fruiting trees, blackthorn or hawthorn – blossom doesn’t last long so enjoy it while you can.

8. Frogs and toads spawning – not for everyone. But still a reason to love spring.

9. Migrating birds come home – Mother nature is at her busiest in spring as migrant birds return to our shores to breed.

10. Walking in nature – The classic countryside walk rounds off this list. At any time of day, a few minutes taking in nature is as restorative as it gets.

May’s Most Loved Marvels - avenue of trees

Incidentally …

apropos the English proverb, ‘Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’ the ‘May’ in that may well refer to the May flower – the hawthorn blossom – rather than the month.

Pink&Green’s Most Loved

Before we mention Pink&Green’s May’s Most loved a quick question: If you were to draw up a personal list of your most loved things and/or people – where would you put yourself on that list? Think about it …

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