Autumn Skincare Essentials

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As we wave a sad farewell to summer and bring in the autumn season layering becomes about more than the clothes we’re wearing. In this blog we’ll take a look at layering skincare products and highlighting some of Pink&Green’s autumn skincare essentials.

If a chunky knit and cosy loungewear are wardrobe essentials for autumn and winter then, in similar fashion, a skincare upgrade is a complexion essential. Indeed, as this blog from Boots the Chemist points out, quoting Balance Me co-founders, Rebecca and Clare Hopkins, ‘Changing weather conditions are one of the biggest external factors that can exacerbate dry skin. So, it can benefit a lot from a reshuffle of your skincare cabinet.’ For sure, it’s not at all hard to keep your complexion cooperative. All it requires is a bit of love from you.

Autumn Skincare Essentials - towels with autumn leaves

Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Not specific to autumn of course – hydrating your skin is ever important.

Even if summer’s been less than tropical most of the time, chances are your complexion will still be a tad thirsty. On that topic see our blog on the importance of hydrating the body – one helps the other.

During autumn and winter there’s not so much humidity in the air. And that can upset your skin’s balance. Plus, that cosy, central heating can strip your skin of yet more moisture. So good hydration is key.

One step to achieving hydration and moisturization nirvana is to add a serum under your regular moisturizer. Our Age Well Intensive Facial Serum will fit that particular bill.

Pink & Green age well organic facial serum

And on that note, if you’ve been using a lightweight moisturizer through the summer then you should consider an upgrade for the autumn/winter season.

Showing your best autumn face

What else to do, aside from drinking sufficient water to keep and get your skin glowing like the autumn colours? Well, if you’ve been using a lightweight foaming cleanser over the summer, now is the time to raise the stakes and switch to a richer one. A cream cleanser or one of our organic facial cleansing oils such as the one in the image below will be ideal. That way your complexion will be comforted and nourished not stripped dry. Succour for the skin in fact.

Autumn skincare essentials Pink&Green organic cleansing oil


To prevent your skin resembling pasty flaky pastry a gentle exfoliator is what you need. Exfoliate at least once – but twice is better – a week to keep your complexion in good humour. Check out our blog about the benefits of exfoliation and consider our gentle, organic exfoliator to keep your facial skin in fine fettle.

You can browse our entire facial skincare range on our website here.

autumn skincare essentials - a selection of Pink&Green organic facial skincare products
A selection of Pink&Green organic facial skincare productsmore on our website.


So that’s your facial skincare considered for the changing season. But don’t forget the rest of you! It too could be feeling parched from any summer sun you might have been fortunate enough to enjoy.

Where exfoliation is great for the complexion, dry body brushing has terrific benefits for the rest of you!

We have a comprehensive range of body skin care and relaxation products that you can browse here. And don’t forget our skincare hero, Pink&Green’s organic One Balm – One Balm for a busy life.

A One-Balm Offer

One Balm from Pink & Green

Between now and the end of September buy a 50ml pot of One Balm wonder for the price of 30ml – £27.50 instead of £40 and includes a muslin cloth.

PS: If a bit of word stuff floats your boat here’s some etymological autumnal background from Born Again Swindonian: We say autumn – you say fall:

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