Spreading the Skincare Love

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October 2021

Spreading the skincare love
Before I set up my Pink&Green organic skincare brand, I’d worked for many years as a holistic therapist. When working with a client I instilled in them the importance of making time for themselves with which to pay attention to their skin. I urged them to listen to what their skin was telling them. And then to act on it. But I also listened to them talk about how their skincare didn’t suit them. There were too many harsh chemicals and too much sore skin.

So, when I created Pink&Green, I determined to make something kinder. I wanted my products to offer regular and positive reinforcement. So, I decided upon handmade skincare, created with love and care. Further, I weave the self-care ethos through the brand. Indeed, self-care is a topic I return to again and again in my blogs.

That was back in 2014. Now here we are, almost a decade later, and I have salons both using and stocking my products. This happy situation has come about from the salon owners following a similar journey to me. One of listening to their clients expressing a desire for skincare products that are kinder, more loving and more natural.

From this, I’ve seen a growth in the narrative with some salon owners wanting to take things a stage further. Not only do they want to offer Pink&Green’s loving and kind products to their clients, they want something that speaks for them. They want products that tell something of their story and their particular niche. The upshot being that I’ve had approaches from businesses/salons wanting to have their own brand.

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Here are a couple of businesses now serving their clients’ needs through our collaborations.

Bloom baby balm

Bloom baby balm is a joint development with holistic therapist, Judith Humphries.

Judith and I joined forces to develop a safe and soothing balm for babies and young children. With 100% natural ingredients, Judith knew this product would be wonderful for parents looking for a cruelty free product.

Rich in sweet almond oil and shea butter, with chamomile and calendula, it’s super moisturizing and nourishing. Because it’s gentle and light on the skin it’s safe for a baby’s delicate skin – even from birth.

I’m happy to report I have a regular buyer of this balm for her children that simply swears by its effectiveness on her children’s tricky skin.

Pink&Green bloom baby balm

Blossom menopause cream

The blend of oils in the Blossom menopause cream, will calm your menopause symptoms and uplift your mood. Pink&Green developed this cream together with Andrea Marsh from Cotswold Menopause.

Andrea helps women alleviate menopause symptoms with natural solutions and shiatsu therapy. She knows how powerful essential oils are with relieving symptoms. After receiving her certificate to use essential oils she started testing what really worked for women.

When she knew she was on to something that was useful to women, she joined forces with us to develop this wonderful cream as she only wanted to use natural, cruelty free ingredients.

Pink&Green blossom menopause cream

I’d wanted to be spreading the skincare love far and wide when I started my business.  Now, through all these beautiful people, with their similar ethos, I’m achieving exactly that!  Though not in a way that I ever envisaged when Pink&Green took its first tottering steps.

If you’re harbouring thoughts of a skincare brand of your own then do get in touch. You never know – I may well be able to help you as I have for Judith and Andrea.

You’ll find all our contact points here.

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