World Vegan Day

November is not only about fireworks and foggy days. It’s also World Vegan Month and, what’s more, the 1st November is designated World Vegan Day. That day being also an international day of action for animal rights. At least ways that’s what this website tells us.

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What is World Vegan day about then?

Well, on a basic level, it’s a day for vegans across the globe to celebrate and champion their lifestyle. According to this My Ethical Choice website, ‘This day is not only dedicated to vegans. On World Vegan Day, people take the time to look at the current world situation and raise awareness of many issues that the world is facing regarding our food supply and its impact on the environment. World Vegan Day encourages people to understand why veganism is important as well as an opportunity for people to try out a vegan restaurant or dish.’

How it began

Back in November 1944, Donald Watson and five other ‘non-dairy vegetarians’ came up with the word vegan.Donald Watson described it as ‘the beginning and the end of the word vegetarian.’ Mr Watson was an English animal rights advocate who was a co-founder of the Vegan Society. And they it was who started World Vegan Day.

Some veganism statistics

We thought it might be cool to have a dig into some vegan-related statistics – for the craic. And, as luck would have it, this veganism UK statistics website has loads!

It does appear that 2020 was a big year for UK veganism. ‘ … judging by the response to Veganuary this year, the rise of the movement for culinary, social, and agricultural change is set to continue in 2021. What’s more, the responses from retail giants and entrepreneurs will continue to make it easier for people to switch to a plant-based diet.

According to the Guardian, a record 500,000 people, of whom 125,000 reside in the UK, took the Veganuary pledge to eat only vegan food in January. The figure is up by 100,000 on last year’s, and it’s double the number of people who signed up for Veganuary in 2019.

That’s a staggering statistic for sure. But there’s more. It’s not supermarkets alone that are seeing a demand for vegan options. Food delivery services such as Deliveroo are noticing an increased demand from customers for vegan dishes. According to the aforementioned website, Deliveroo saw the number of vegan eateries on its app more than double last year. It now has 12,000 restaurants offering vegan-friendly options.

It’s clear then that there’s huge interest in the vegan lifestyle. And of course, that extends to more than what we eat. More and more people are as concerned about what they put on their bodies as they are about what they put in them.  Certainly, of late we’ve seen growth in sales of our products to salons who’ve found their clients are seeking kinder products. Sometimes this is because they’re vegans – but often it’s because they’re concerned about the toxicity of many skincare ingredients.

The Pink&Green Ethos

My business arose from my passion for creating natural, organic skincare, Thus, Pink&Green products fit well with the vegan lifestyle, using as they do, natural ingredients that aren’t tested on animals. Indeed, we source all our own natural ingredients in a responsible way. Further we hand-make our entire range in small batches in our Wiltshire studio.

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