Caring for mature skin

June 2022

At every stage in our lives our skin changes. As we adjust to that, we ought also to make corresponding adjustment to our skincare routines. And of course many men have skincare routines too. Now,  I have an elderly mum – she turns 90 on the 26th July of this year. And caring for her got me thinking about caring for mature skin.

It’ll be no surprise to you to learn that mum uses Pink&Green products in her routine and I’ll talk more about that later. But first – what changes can you expect to see in your skin as you enter your 60s and 70s.

Caring for mature skin

How your skin changes with maturity

No two people age in exactly the same way. Our individual aging processes are influenced by many factors. External factors such as smoking, poor and/or diet and drinking too much, and some medications – all will take their toll on how you age. As will internal factors – by which I mean genetics and skin type. If you’re fair of face there’s a good chance you’ll age faster than someone with darker skin. And, as this article points out, if your mum or dad aged well – you stand a good chance of doing the same.  I know – it’s not fair is it? In general though, what you see below is what you’ll start to notice about your skin:

  • It’s drier
  • It’ll get thinner and start to resemble paper – steroid medications will speed up this effect.
  • It could be itchy
  • Age spots, wrinkles and creases make themselves known
  • Your skin can get blotchy and easier to irritate
  • Bruise easily and take longer to heal
  • It’s possible you’ll sweat less but could be more prone to skin infections


Skin care adoptions to make

A few things to consider working into your toilette, if you’ve not already.

  • Wash with a gentle, fragrance-free*, if that’s your preference, and moisturizing soap bar, cleanser or body wash. That will help to soothe rather than dry out your skin.
  • Don’t have your water too hot. Nothing worse than over-hot water. It’ll strip your skin of its natural oils and make it drier than it needs to be.
  • Use a soft cloth rather than a bath brush to wash with.
  • Whether showering or bathing – don’t linger too long. Saves water as well as your epidermis!

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Some of Pink&Green body skincare range - Caring for mature skin
Some of the Pink&Green body skincare range – Caring for mature skin

My mum’s routine

At 90 years old, my mum makes sure she moisturizes her feet every day. She also is careful to get regular footcare treatments. That’s something of particular importance if you’re diabetic. She uses our soothing foot butter, body lotion or body butter and our ‘you smell nice grandma’,** Frankincense facial moisturizer.

She also maintains a good diet and exercises every day.

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Caring for mature skin
A few items from our facial skincare range

*The difference between ‘fragrance free’ and ‘unscented’

Unscented products can still irritate dry skin. That’s because, unscented product tend to contain a chemical that covers up the smell of other ingredients. If fragranced products are an issue for you then look for fragrance free.

** As a client’s granddaughter said to her when she was wearing the frankincense moisturizer:

Pink&Green frankincense moisturizer

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  1. Teresa

    Hi Angela, thank you so much for such a comprehensive overview of the changes in mature skin. Many of my customers suffer a range of those mentioned in your blog and sometimes they feel like they’re experiencing these changes alone. Keep up the great work!

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