Double Cleansing

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What is it and do you need to do it?

Double cleansing is exactly as it sounds. It’s cleansing twice, one after the other, with different types of cleansers. According to this blog on the subject of double-cleansing from Paula’s Choice, the technique first became popular in South Korea and Japan before catching on in Europe and North America. Now I’d forgive you for thinking that it all sounds rather like a ploy to get you to buy more products. But no, there is sound reasoning behind it – for some skin types. It’s not for everyone though. As Paula’s Choice says: ‘Its usefulness depends on your skin type and the type of makeup you wear.’

Skincare ingredients to avoid

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I won’t lie. Skincare ingredients to avoid is a subject we’ve touched on before in this blog from last year about understanding the ingredients in skincare and cosmetics. But I see no harm in revisiting the subject. Because it does feel as if every day there’s something else to worry about in the everyday foods we buy and the products we use.

All About Shea Butter

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In recent months, the Pink&Green blog has developed something of an ‘education slot’, taking an in depth look at some favourite skin care ingredients. We’ve examined the benefits to the skin of pomegranate oil and sweet orange oil to name but two. We’ve also given you some tips on understanding the ingredients in your skincare and cosmetics.