Feature on Frankincense

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We use a selection of essential oils in our skincare range.  Each has a variety of properties to help promote health and vitality, by stimulating the body to heal itself and by reducing stress, which is often a cause of many ailments and … Continued

Liquid Lunch ‘pick me up’

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If you tend to slump after lunch, try replacing the usual sandwich and crisps or coffee and muffin with this lunchtime ‘pick me up’. 2 apples (Golden Delicious) 1 carrot 1 lime (peeled but leave the pith on) 1 pinch … Continued

Pomegranate In Skincare

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Pomegranate oil is a rich, natural source of ellagic acid, a strong antioxidant that fights free radicals and combats signs of ageing, deeply nourishing the epidermal layer and promoting skin elasticity. Harvested from the Prunica granatum shrub, which is a … Continued

What Determines Your Level of Health?

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Your current level of health is a perfect reflection of how your body, mind and spirit is responding to the environment and lifestyle you have created for yourself. INTAKE The quality of air we breathe, the liquid we drink and … Continued

What Does Your Skin Do For You?

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It’s during the times of the year when the weather is at its extremes that we are more likely to consider the effects of the elements on our skin.  Summer is here now (yes – definitely showing signs of warming … Continued

Healthy eyes are beautiful eyes…..

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To keep them healthy here are a few tips ….. Eat beta-carotene rich vegetables and fruits –carrots, spinach, papaya, mangoes. Take at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to avoid puffiness and dark circles. Drink plenty of water. Get an … Continued