For salon and spa owners seeking a new organic skincare brand
Are you a salon or spa owner seeking a new organic and vegan skincare brand? One that does not impose onerous and limiting conditions upon you? One that is of good quality and has good values – of the sort to which you aspire with your business? If so, you’ve found the right place. But why not visit our About Us page to learn a little more of what makes us tick?

For salon and spa owners  - Jar and roses


A brand that:

  • Has no massive start-up costs
  • Has no minimum order sizes
  • Offers personal attention and support for you and your business
  • Does not dictate how you should run your business, allowing you to run your business in your way.

Having run our own salons in the past, we are very aware of the challenges you face. We used to find it challenging to find the time to fill out stock order forms. If we wanted just a few items, we had to wait until we had a “minimum order quantity”. We didn’t have someone to work with from the brand company to help us with our own specific needs to improve our business.

We’re aware that every business is different. So, we listen to YOU and help YOU in a way that best suits YOU.

This might mean that you only wish to stock some of our range. You may want one item that you’ve run out of. You can choose how you order from us. We build YOUR order for YOUR business. You receive what you need, not what we decide you must have.

If this sounds helpful to you, please get in touch and we can explore your own specific requirements.

Carol Aplin Founder of Pink&Green Skincare
Carol Aplin Founder of Pink&Green Skincare

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Telephone: +44 (0)781 580 7775 – We value your time.