Lisa Stevenson

Does is feel like you’re up against a brick wall with your partner?

Are you and your partner going round and round the same issues?

Do you wish you had the skills to navigate your way round that brick wall and onto better things?

My speciality is relationships and I work with couples and individuals.

The motivation for my work comes from seeing how few people are able to prioritise their relationships in the stress of today’s living. We are overwhelmed before we realise it. We hope for the best and often put up with the worst. We survive – if we’re lucky – when we could thrive instead – if only we knew how.

In addition to my formal training, my own long-term relationship has been the riskiest, and the most delightful, training ground for this work.

I will create a safe environment to help you explore and understand what is really going on and how you maintain the patterns that frustrate you. It will be done without blame, shame or criticism.

I will teach you skills and give you tools that will enable you to create the relationship that you want.

I have a Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling and a Certificate in Couples and Family Counselling. I continually add to this by taking different courses and extending my learning through reading and research.

I am an accredited member of the National Counselling Society and the National Council for Psychotherapists.

I work in Bristol, Marlborough and Swindon – and online.

To find out more about my work – and for contact details – please visit my website below: