Pink & Green was founded in 2014 by holistic and skincare expert, Carol Aplin.  After spending many years practicing and teaching others how to take time for ‘me’ and how to really pay attention and look after their skin, Carol decided to put her passion into creating a wonderful boutique range of organic and natural skincare and body products.  Pink&Green uses all natural ingredients and is not tested on animals. Carol believes that products should help you look and feel wonderful and this is echoed through her entire range. 

Carol Aplin Founder of Pink&Green Skincare
Carol Aplin Founder of Pink&Green Skincare


“I was born in Kenley, Surrey.  As you can see from the picture of me as a little girl, I was surrounded by beautiful countryside.  Beech woods that would be full of the fragrance of bluebells in the Spring and cornfields that had a golden glow in mid-summer.  I now live near the Ridgeway Path close to the Marlborough Downs, with the historic town of Avebury close by.  I guess it’s hardly surprising that nature for me wins my widest smile.

I decided to bring this smile of nature in to my skincare range, so you can also experience the wonders of nature’s harvest every day through your skincare rituals.

Carol as a child (2)
Carol in her Mum’s garden

Pink was chosen to represent women and green for the environment.

As an holistic therapist, I want to encourage women to enjoy more time for themselves and feel confident in their appearance.

My passion for creating natural skincare and an affinity with nature inspired me to create a range of products for bath, body and face to encourage you to feel ‘hello gorgeous’ every day!  For you to enjoy quality time, even if you only have five minutes to yourself a day.

These naturally luxurious products combine natural essential oil blends, with specialist carrier oils that perform beautifully, while balancing both mind and body.

We source all our own natural ingredients responsibly and hand-make all of our range in small batches, with love and care, in our Wiltshire studio, England.

If you wish, you can choose a collection of skincare treats that are specifically designed to fit through your letterbox!  No more dashing to the store if you’ve run out, or having to go and collect your parcel because you were out when the delivery arrived!!  Who’s got quality time to waste!?

I have gained huge insight into the challenges people face in their lives through my holistic therapy and beauty business.

Over time, I have noticed that (in general) women expect a lot of themselves.  What we can forget to do, is find ourselves in there somewhere and give this important aspect of “self” much quality time.

Listening to hundreds of women tell me their stories, has offered me a privileged insight into the outcomes they want for themselves.

Through my understanding of how women wish to feel about themselves,  I looked for a way to offer positive reinforcement of these values on a regular basis, alongside lovingly created skincare.

I set about creating my organic Facial Skincare Ritual initially; the formulations being completely sourced from nature – no preservatives, no harsh chemicals.

My range Pink&Green is focussed on offering you the invitation to acknowledge your gorgeousness; remind yourself you are special; offer the opportunity for quality time and embrace self-worth.

I hope that you enjoy your choices from the range as much as I do creating them.

With warmest regards.”


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