Pink & green one balm
Organic ‘One Balm’ Fragranced (Facial Hot Cloth Cleanser & Moisturiser) 30ml or 50ml + Organic Muslin Cloth

Fragranced One Balm: an all-in-one organic facial beauty balm Time or luggage space at a premium? No problem.  The Pink&Green multi-purpose one balm is your skin care superhero. With the help of this gorgeous, enriching and smoothing product, skin radiance … Continued

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Organic Floral Rose Water Toner/Spritzer

Rose Floral Water/Toner Please choose from 30ml or 100ml sizes. Our Organic Rose Water makes a wonderfully soothing toner and is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skins.  Use it to tone your skin after cleansing to tighten pores … Continued

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Body Butter – Neroli and Frankincense – 30ml or 100ml

For ultimate decadence, our triple whipped Neroli and Frankincense Body Butter is a luxurious blend of shea, cocoa and coconut butters, infused with a rich blend of orange flower (neroli) and frankincense essential oils.  The butter melts effortlessly in to … Continued

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Hydrate & Renew Gel

Helps dehydrated and aging skin. Replenishes A LOT of moisture. (One gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six litres of water.) It helps revitalise the skin’s outer surface layers, so that your skin looks and feels softer, smoother, … Continued

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Organic Sensitive Facial Oil – For Sensitive Skin

 Organic Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin Notice how your skin responds to the kindness of enriching & moisturising oils, to rehydrate very dry & damaged facial skin. Trapping this moisture strengthens your skin; enhancing your natural defences against pollution, sun, … Continued

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Tranquility Organic Body Souffle

Bring peace to your mind and body with our natural blend of soothing oils and butters. The natural fragrance aids relaxation, leaving your mind refreshed and body replenished. Our Tranquility Body Souffle is an exquisite blend of vanilla fragranced Benzoin, … Continued

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‘Tropical Island’ Organic Hand, Foot & Body Scrub

Product description An organic cane sugar body scrub infused with orange, lemon and lime essential oils for an invigorating, refreshing exfoliation for hands or feet. As the sweet sugar granules dissolve, your skin is left feeling enriched with a “tropical” … Continued

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Body Oil Relax & Restore

Relax & Restore Golden Body Oil An uplifting blend of Bergamot which has positive effects on the mind and a little soothing Lavender, combined with the chocolate-delight offered by Benzoin. All beautifully entwined in a mix of coconut, jojoba and … Continued

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‘Serenity’ Body Moisturiser – 100ml/200ml

A deeply nourishing, rich hydrating body cream for smooth, supple skin. Inhaling this cream can have an immediate uplifting and calming effect on your mood. Product image shown is the 200ml Bottle with pump. The 100ml size is supplied in … Continued

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Soothing Foot Butter – 50ml

Treat your tired feet with this soothing foot butter. It nurtures dry, cracked heels and hard skin and is a wonderful way to relax whilst massaging it in to your feet. Why not apply before bed, pop on some socks … Continued

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Persona facemask
‘PERSONA’ Rejuvenating Face Mask

The persona rejuvenating face mask hydrates your skin, giving it vitality and a youthful-looking bloom. How does it do that? By using argan oil, the restoring properties of lavender, and age-defying frankincense is how. Throw in the anti-oxidant, vitamin E … Continued

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