‘Understanding Your Menopause’ – A Downloadable Ebook (PDF Format) by Andrea Marsh from Cotswold Menopause




Understanding Your Menopause


Tried and tested practical natural solutions for effective symptom relief

“Huge Improvement in Symptoms”, “Really Motivating!”, “No insomnia, bloating, flushing or mood swings”, “Helped me turn my life around”, “Feeling like a different person”, “Incredible and life changing”, “Your book has helped me so much”

Are you overwhelmed about where to start with the symptoms you are experiencing?

Does any of this make sense to you or are you despairing at the thought of where to start?

Do your symptoms scare you and has your doctor not helped you?

Are you ready to resolve your symptoms, understand why nature has taken a turn this way, and what practical steps you can take to change your life around in a matter of weeks?


Andrea from Cotswold Menopause has created Blossom cream to ease your symptoms and has written this informative book to help you unravel the mystery of why your mind, body and hormones seem to have dropped off the edge of a cliff.

Understanding Your Menopause is a fresh way of looking at your menopause transition. It puts your health under a microscope (but without too much science!) and explains why the hormonal upheaval magnifies the underlying health imbalances that you were ‘just getting away with’…. Until now!

In Understanding Your Menopause you will find:

·         Clear explanation of what is happening to you physically, hormonally and emotionally

·         Simple to follow explanations on symptoms and how they group together

·         The 5 underlying health imbalances that cause your symptoms

·         Week by week practical guidance on how to alleviate your symptoms

·         Belly fat – simple eating changes explained, no diets allowed

·         Finding the right kind of exercise for you, and not too much of it

·         Anxiety fully explained, what it is and the simple steps to resolve it

·         Sleep, the changes you can make to get it back

·         Why you have to put good nutrients back into your body that are now missing

·         Suitable for women who feel extreme tiredness, joint pains, brain fog at any age

·         Sensible, practical, easy-to-do changes that work!

·         Your author has tried and tested these solutions as have her clients

Andrea guides you effortlessly through a time of your life that is confusing, overwhelming and downright scary. She makes you understand how natural this is, and most importantly empowers you to make the necessary changes, so that you flourish in your menopause. She will put you on the path to great health for now and for the rest of your life.

This is a MUST READ book for any woman as you enter into perimenopause, make your OWN STORY with this book and make your story a successful natural menopause!


“Since purchasing your eBook and coming off HRT I have noticed a huge improvement in my symptoms. The supplements have helped and the section on Eating made so much sense. The hot flushes are getting better and my sleep so much improved.” R Price

“Your book has helped me so much! The explanations and step by step guide are really motivating! Thanks so much I would recommend the book as a great guide.” S Burns

“No insomnia, bloating, flushing or mood swings. I downloaded your book I am only taking supplements and no meds, with good results.” T Walton

“It’s fascinating and educational, easy to understand. It’s helped me turn my life around and I’m so glad I found this book” E Scott Miles


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