We’re constantly bombarded by conflicting messages about the things we should be eating, and those we shouldn’t.  With a new celebrity diet popping up every week, learning to eat the right way can be confusing.  What if you could be sure that the information you were given was accurate, effective and based on science?

Rosie Letts is a qualified and registered nutritional therapist, with a first class degree from the University of Westminster.   She has worked with over 500 clients to date, and has seen them set free from the symptoms of conditions including IBS, PCOS and eczema.

Using only proven and effective nutritional medicine and the most up-to-date diagnostic tools, Rosie works with her clients to make small changes that drive lasting and powerful results.  This can take place through one-to-one consultants at her Bristol clinic or via Skype, or through her signature Reinvent programme.




Rosie Letts

Nutritional Therapist BSc Hons, mBANT, CNHC

Rosie Letts Nutritional & Functional Medicine


email: r@rosielettsnutrition.com

mobile: 0788 601 1890