January 2018

I wanted to highlight how utterly fab the rose and chocolate face mask is 🥐🍫🌹. I got the kit and love mixing it up in the little bowl with the so cute spoon – it feels such a treat. Its a pleasure to use, easy to make and has the most fabulous lifting, firming, smoothing and tightening effect on my skin making my lines look less apparent and my skin tone lovely and even 🙂 I absolutely love it – JC, Midlands

July 2017

I’m absolutely loving the bath oil. I can’t have baths, just showers (arthritis in my knees) so I’m using it as a perfume because I love the smell. While I was rubbing it on my throat I found that it really softened the skin so I’m now using it for my neck and chest morning and evening. GS, Wiltshire

June 2017

Eye love – fantastic, I’ve used it intermittently and need to get into the routine but you really do need the teeniest amount, the ingredient list is simply wonderful and it’ll be a staple for me  JC, Manchester

May 2017

“…… you are connected with your customers, almost like a wee family. Not much of that happens any more.
When I got my first order from you, you’d added in a little something extra and it came in a lovely box with rose petals. It was really beautiful. I thought “wow! This woman really cares” – I had a grin on my face all day!
Having customer input is great. It means we get what we really want and not “meh, it’ll do until I get something else”.  M Mac


February 2017

Dear Pink&Green, very excited to arrive home to my new skincare goodies today! Can’t wait to try them tonight 😍 fab fast delivery, Thank you  LC, Oxfordshire

Carol can I just say a huge thank you for the gorgeous balm from Pink&Green. I bought it for my daughter M who is xx years old and I wanted her to start as she means to go on using natural skincare. Well she has been using it for a week now and her complexion is amazing. She is so happy using it and all her friends are asking her all about it!! The service I received from you was first class and the packaging was really classy. I will definitely be ordering some other products. Ps thanks for the little body butter gift – just gorgeous but I had to wrestle if off M lol! Xx  SM, Belfast


January 2017

I first came across Carol before her products. Her caring and ethical attitude towards skin and body products and the wonderful aromas from her product stall didn’t need long in convincing me to try some – the sample skin care kit and the Neroli and Frankincense Body Butter.  The latter has lasted me months and I just LOVE it! You don’t need much to go a long way and the smell is divine. Carol delivers outstanding customer service and I love that she is continually updating and launching new products.  WM – Forest of Dean


One Balm! Multi-functional, effective, can’t live without!  SW


I can highly recommend these products from Pink&Green, they are sumptuously gorgeous and the smells are divine, leaving your skin looking and feeling great, a little bit of heaven in each bottle, all beautifully packaged AND organic.  Excellent customer service from a lovely lady called Carol.  TV – Wiltshire


October 2016

I was given a sample of the body butter.  This is really good for all areas of the body, however I recently went down with the ‘seasonal’ cold and my nose was sore, red and dry.  I applied this to my nose in the evening, and in the morning the skin around my nose was restored.  Amazing!!  SH, Suffolk


September 2016

The customer service from Carol at Pink & Green Skincare is outstanding; very fast delivery, beautifully packaged and any queries or questions promptly answered.
The products themselves are very high quality and most importantly, very effective.  SW Monmouthshire


July 2016

I was given a small sample of your pink and green skin product and started to use it on a small, sun damaged area of my forehead. I was intrigued to find that the dryness and flakiness disappeared after a few days.  Every other product used did not make a shred of difference!  G


I’ve said before, I love reading your emails that come out and keeping up to speed with what’s going on. I think you have a lovely business  LR, Wiltshire


I am totally in love with the One Balm – CB, Leicestershire


June 2016

The oil cleanser is lovely. I have problem skin and have suffered from acne for years. This is combined with itchy rashes, greasiness, alternated with dry bumpy patches and it’s a misery sometimes having skin like this – I’m nearly 40 and I had hoped my acne days were over!

From the very first time I used your cleanser, my skin balanced out. It is also much smoother and my pores have tightened up…the greasy patches have dried up a little, and the dry patches have more moisture. The itching has been soothed too.

Overall the appearance is ‘glowing’ (to quote a friend), and my skin has never looked this good. I’m still trying to work out how much I should cleanse this way…if I do it too much my skin gets a little greasy, but if I leave it a bit, the dryness comes back, but this is just trial and error.

I’m really glad I found your company, and when I run out, I will definitely be back for more.

Thank you for giving me the face I never thought I’d have.  KM, Midlothian


May 2016

I tried the  Organic Facial Skincare Ritual Collection Sample Kit. It was amazing. I love the Muslin Cloth, it is lovely. Because the cosmetics are natural my skin seems to be very happy with them. I used the sensitive skin option and I must say, I couldn’t be more happy with a face care program. Thank you, x  ML


I love the body butter – amazing!  It just melts on the skin; it’s divine.  Beats any others I’ve used.  AE, Chippenham Wiltshire


March 2016

I just have to say ‘Wow!’…
Your parcel arrived yesterday, beautifully packed and finished down to every last detail – so, so, impressed.
Absolutely faultless! –  AS, France


February 2016

You website was really easy to use and I love the full descriptions.  LH Berkshire


January 2016

WOW what a product! I totally LOVE it.

As well as making my skin sooooooooooooooooooooooo soft after only a few days the ritual thing  with the  warm cloth is really uplifting and those few seconds of me time have done me the world of good.

I am really pressed  with work at the moment so finding time to do things for me is a bit of a challenge but the 20 seconds you have found for me is fantastic.

Honestly Carol this  stuff/ the regime thing is great.  SW, Wiltshire


My skin condition has improved greatly, the pores have reduced in size, wrinkles less noticeable – all good stuff. – KG, Glos


November 2015

Carol introduced me to her Organic facial oils about a year ago. I haven’t looked back since. I wasn’t sure a first putting oils on my skin at first due to having oily skin. But WOW I was so amazed. My skin is fresh and glowing. Feels so great. Can’t wait to cleanse my skin every night and my face feels bliss. Carol is so caring and puts so.much love into her products. SW – Swindon

My skin has been totally in love with Carol’s gorgeous products from day 1! They are authentic, pure and carefully put together. Carol’s ethos shines through in the whole range, and that is just the way I like it. The quality of the these oils are just amazing, and my skin is in the most amazing condition that it has ever been, and I will never use anything else! What is says on the label, is what it does – perfection! – DR, Hampshire

Carol is a beautiful person who puts her heart and soul into her gorgeous products and delivers fantastic customer service as standard (even at 9.30 in the evening when I needed an emergency birthday present!). She is a true artisan whose skin care range is already winning prestigious awards! AD-G

October 2015

NOW Where to even start! I LOVE using my skincare ritual!!!
I am a busy single mum, I run my own a yoga business and I am life style & wellbeing coach. Phew no time for me! I NOW make time for myself with Pink & Green organic skincare. I have my time in the evening before bed, to cleanse my face with the lush oil, spritz my face with the lush rose water & moisturise with the lush oil. This skincare is range is the bomb. It leaves my face feeling soft & nourished. It leaves me feeling loved & beautiful. DC, Shrivenham

What an amazing authentic product! Pink & Green is TRUE to its word, ladies lets spread the love & look & feel glowing gorgeous!

I love these products and have been using the facial oil for some time; the change to my skin is amazing. It’s so great to see some new products on the way and have to fight with my family to get the body oil back too!
The scents and combinations are amazing and Carol is one talented lady. B Prim, Wiltshire

September 2015

Carol’s products are beautiful, but she backs them up with her values and vision. She cares passionately about helping women to accept themselves, to nourish their skin and to make time for them to feel special. She inspires people. SW

Eye Love Serum – Wow, what can I say about this beautiful, but delicate small bottle of absolute Scrumptiousness…the littlelest drop of sheer gold is more than enough for my eyes, so the left over gets slicked across my lips, and both areas benefit incredibly! Since I have been using Pink&Green products on my skin, I have been glowing in a way my skin has never glowed! I have suffered extreme acne since I was 10 years old, and whilst going through a medical menopause, my frankincense facial oil has cared for my skin to such a degree, that many did not realise I had been ill! I even took my little bottles of liquid gold into hospital with me, and the other patients were all intrigued by my facial routine, and how fab my skin was, even whilst enduring surgery! Vive La Pink&Green! – DR – Berkshire

August 2015

Morning Carol Pink and Green facial goodies are working very well on my face and neck.  I keep feeling my skin is wonderful I feel great. LP – Wiltshire


Love Pink & Green, Carol’s products are just fabulous.  CAH – Scotland

The oils are wonderful.  I started using them before my Mum became ill.  Found them really useful during her illness too – just something for me each night.  Pink&Green is brilliant.  I wish you success.  C – W Midlands

My friend’s husband commented on how her skin looked…. he didn’t know she had been using P&G.  He could see a big difference.  SW – Wiltshire


July 2015

The products are amazing! Making my face feel fresh and clean, the problems on my face have also decreased immensely!  MJ – Staffordshire


June 2015

Thank you Carol for the trial of your gorgeous Pink & Green skincare products which arrived beautifully packaged. I recently took them out to Cyprus with me to try. My skin is very sensitive and although my body tans very quickly, I do have to be extra careful with sun and sun tan lotion on my face, which only becomes even more sensitive in the sun. So I knew this would be a good test. I tried your Rose Floral Water, Organic Cleansing Oil and the Organic Facial Oil. Some people might think oil, oil and more oil, but as a qualified aromatherapist I already know the benefits of using oils (and essential oils) even for greasy skin, so I was more than happy to try on my face. Although sensitive it’s pretty normal. The facial cleansing oil removed ALL traces of sun screen. A light spritz of the rose water was delightfully refreshing and cooling. But the facial oil was my absolute favourite leaving my skin supple, rejuvenated and soft. The products also worked hard in hot, humid weather so I would have no hesitation in recommending to my family, friends and colleagues.  MSJD – Wales

June 2015

Been using and very happy with Liz Earle for many years however ‘Pink and Green’ product has both made my skin feel and look massively improved – can’t wait to try a range for the body……fantastic value for money but also a joy to use with gorgeous scent, a real treat ! I would recommend to everyone – JW – Wroughton


June 2015

Endorsement from Womens’ Business Club http://www.womensbusiness.club/pink-and-green-skincare   A DeS


I have struggled with my skin most of my life due to sun damage and acne but since using Pink and Green’s range for sensitive skin I am finding the miracle cure I have always longed for. Not only are the products easy to use but Carol has given me the best advice and tailored a product to suit my skin’s specific needs. I particularly like the Organic Floral Rose Water Toner/Spritzer, it really does make my skin feel clean and fresh. I was initially concerned about using oils both to clean my skin and to moisturise, I thought I would wake up with oily skin and lots of spots.  However, quite the opposite has happened, I wake up with well hydrated but not oily skin.  AND no spots!

We are pleased to offer P&G Skincare our stamp of approval and can whole heartedly endorse them.

Approved by Women's Business Club





June 2015

Jenny was delighted with her facial pack. Me, too, as it not only smells lovely but is NOT giving me spots … so you really do know your stuff! IH Wiltshire


May 2015

I am very pleased with my skin care products.  My daughter won your raffle at The Barbury ladies  lunch last month and was so impressed with your cleansing oil that I had to try it. Thank you  A


May 2015 – Sasha, therapist at:  Balanced Beauty, Bristol

“Totally GLOWING skin at the moment thanks to @AplinCarol check out my proud Instagram post I’ve shared below…”


May 2015 – Natalie Trice

Carol was recently interviewed by NT, a freelance writer and copywriter: Follow this link to view the interview

Natalie has her own website: Passionate About Words and you can often see her contributions at Total Women’s Cycling and Family Magazines throughout the country.

March 2015 – “Got my second box on Sunday! Love the surprise Carol. Thank you x“ GS, Wiltshire

March 2015 – Review of the Pink&Green Facial Ritual Collection, by Rachel (All Natural Aspirations) A Video Blogger on YouTube

Dec 2014 – “My box has just arrived – what a joy to open on a Monday morning after a crazy weekend. It is so beautifully presented thank you so much. I love the little bag too. You are so the person I have been waiting for” – AL, Derbyshire

Dec 2014 – “After a year of ill health, my skin has been very undernourished, and it has appreciated the best weeks of care it has had in a very long time!…. My skin is in love. “ DR, Fitelle Ltd, Thatcham

“Just wanted to let you know that I love my facial oil.  It smells fab and feels so luxurious on my skin!!” LM, Swindon

“I’m in love with Pink&Green, Carol , they are gorgeous products” – JB, Swindon